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About Us

In our ten years of teaching Arabic, We found that the main obstacle to fluency was the limited opportunity to practice.
Books are not often written in 3ammeya (colloquial), and audio learning aids are limited in content. 

This Blog is an attempt to remedy these deficiencies.
Through our work in the field of teaching languages we began to think about a different, fun way to present the Arabic language by offering the student a chance to get involved in the culture, to get an idea of our idiom through jokes and stories, recipes and rhymes, to live the language as well as learn it well . 

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Seif El Din for his hard work .
We hope you will enjoy using the blogspot and would gratefully accept any suggestions in order to improve it.

Jehan Abdel Tawwab  &  Randa Abdel  Tawwab