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This is from three of my students :

1) Monica Baruah ( the Consul of Denmark )

thank you Monica from your so kind letter .


2) Jesse Driver - American international school

many thanks for you Jesse .


3) Michele De Vries

my salam to you Michele 
June 2010

Hi Jeje, was a plesaure for me too meet yu, you will be always in my heart. By the way, we are moving to live in Jordan this month, so fast, so now i'm packing. Please keep in touch.
best regards
Lina Beaury

Dear Jeje
Thank you for your lovely mail to all of us - I was so sad and so touched when I read it. It really once more confirms to me that I estimate you to be the best ambassador of Egypt that I have met so far!!

I do hope you will get the opportunity to use your professional teaching abilities so that other foreigners can benefit the way we have. We have been so lucky to have you as a teacher, but despite what has happened, it does not change the fact that we will remain friends. I had my best time in Egypt during the period where I joined your Arabic classes at CSA. I looked forward to them every time, and I always returned from them in a good mood. I will always think of that period with great happiness.

With warm thoughts and regards, and blessings to you and your family 

Dear Jeje,
sabah el foll.
I would like to thank you for being a wonderful teacher and friend.  I will really miss u.  I enjoyed all the classes i had with u all the fun and laughter and cooking classes,  It was fantastic.  I will keep it close in my heart forever.
I am feeling so emotional as I am writing to u. sob sob sob.   I know all will be well with u and yr family and will keep u in my prayers and thoughts forever.  i definitely will keep in touch.  Wishing u and yr family all the very best for the future and i know only good things will come yr  way.  You are a special person indeed.
masalama until we meet again.
lotsa luv and hugs

Michele de Vries

Dear Jeje,
Thank you for your kind email, I am touched by your sincere words.
I am very sad that you lost your job in CSA, but I pray God that you will find another one that fullfils you with joy.
It was not only you that learned with us, we learned a lot with you and we learned with a smile in our faces and in our hearts. Thank you for always being kind, sincere, profissional and happy. I did not learn only about arabic, I learned about Egypt, Cairo and the lifes of millions of citizens, who have the same problems and hopes than us. I learned about smells, foods, jokes, men, women and children of this fascinating country.
Thank you once more for all that you taught us in such a nice way. I was a teacher myself and I can detect a good teacher in miles: YOU ARE A GREAT TEACHER!!!
Next year, as soon I finish my master, I will resume my arabic lessons and I would never want another teacher, even with the fancy name Berlitz: I will choose you and I know that many friends will do the same.
May God bless you and your family. Please, keep in touch.
Warm regards,
Cristina Amaral

Hi JeJe,
I wish you the best of luck in all yor future endeavours, I believe there is always a good reason why things happen when they happen. So keep smiling and thank you for enriching our lives with your beautiful smile and for being our introduction to Misr for that I will always be grateful.
Kind regards

Dear Jeje,

Thank you for the warm words in the name of every expatriot who had the chance to meet you. I am really grateful to your friendly attitude and helpfulness and what's more that you always gave much more beyond the lessons, too. Those outings with you will stay as real memories. From now on we can continue to be real friends without all the school obligations. I am really looking forward to our herbs and spices shop. I return back to Cairo in mid August.
I wish that with change your life will take a lucky turn and will bring something unexpectedly good.
Have a nice summer,
Beáta Jirkovszky

Dear Jehan,
Thank you very much for the Arabic lessons over the past month.  It has been a real pleasure coming to class.  You are a wonderful teacher and I learned many new things.  I wish you success with all your classes and please let me know if you will be teaching other classes outside CSA.  

Best of luck and please keep in touch.

Best regards,


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